Oslo Dawn Patrol

Scandinavia does not have a strong tradition for early morning rides. Not like what you see on many cities around the world. Go to New York, Hong Kong, Singapore or Sydney and you you’ll find the streets filled with cyclists at 5am in the morning. Melbourne’s North Road Ride is an infamous and autonomous group ride 5 days a week, where hundreds of riders meet at 5.45 for some serious speed and racing on Beach Road. It’s a must do if you’re in the area.

In Oslo we just recently kicked off a weekly group ride that we are calling Oslo Dawn Patrol. It’s a social group ride, where we meet at the bottom of Kongsveien and head out for a 90 minute spin before gathering for morning coffee at Supreme Roastworks. We do the loop around Svartskog and most importantly: We ride all year! Studded tires and proper clothing makes all the difference in the dark and cold winter months. But we’re in it together! Riding your bike in the early morning is an under estimated way of getting extra time on the bike.


The feeling of having the streets all by yourself, seeing the sun rise and heading back into town when it slowly wakes up is unique. There is hardly any better way to begin the day for a passionate cyclist.

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Tuesdays. 5.40 AM. At the bottom of Kongsveien climb. Oslo


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