Who is behind Bikelicious?

Hans Flensted-Jensen

Originally, I’m from Denmark and have been living in Norway since 2013. However, my language skills does not include Norwegian so I'll stick to English here. I have a huge passion for cycling – both as a mean of transportation and as a sport. My personal take on cycling is that no matter what the purpose of your ride is it is not about how fast you can do it. When on a bike, the most important thing is to enjoy the freedom and do it in style.

I’ve been cycling since I was 5 years old. As a sport on and off (as life permits) since I was 14. When I was in my late teens (in the mid 90’ies) I really thought I would make it to the pros, but I managed to get my priorities straight and get an education instead – something I’ve never regretted.

In my civil life I’m a legal director in a fairly large global IT-company. This is cool and I love it – but not as much as cycling!

You can follow my endeavors on the bike on Strava.